Fanless Cooling Towers

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Fanless Cooling Towers is a design in which the flow is directed perpendicular to the water. The air continues through the fill and thus past the water flow into an open plenum volume. A fan forces the air out into the atmosphere. Air flow enters one or more vertical faces of the cooling tower. Water flows through the fill by gravity.

    • Fanless Cooling Towers designs, Are popularly associated with nuclear power plants. The same kind of cooling towers ¬†often used at large coal-fired power plants. Some instead cool their heat exchangers with lake, river or ocean water.
Applications :
    • Fanless Cooling Towers leaves its dissolved salts behind in the bulk of the water which has not been fanless, thus raising the salt concentration in the circulating cooling water.
Advantages :
  • Fanless Cooling Towers absorbs heat from the hot process streams. Which need to cooled or condensed, And the absorbed heat warms the circulating water.

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