RCC Cooling Towers

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RCC Construction also both in Cross Flow and Counter Flow design. The structure of Cooling Tower is complete with RCC, the tower life will be more than timber as well as FRP and higher capacities are available in multi cell construction.


United Cooling Towers offer a high quality RCC Cooling Towers which are used in various industries. Our RCC Cooling Towers have the following specifications:

    • Type : Both Cross and Counter flow
    • Fan Cylinder : RCC Construction
    • Gear Box : Spiral Bevel type Gear.
    • End wall Casing & Louver : RCC Construction.
    • Drive Shaft : Tubular type single span drive shaft fitted with flexible coupling with bushes at both end. Drive shafts are made of MS with HDG / SS for special case.
Applications :
    • RCC cooling towers or cement prices are higher at a site to opt for cheaper natural draft cooling towers made of structural steel.
Advantages :
  • RCC cooling tower is also used as a industrial chimney, thus saving the cost of a separate chimney structure and plants without flue gas purification, problem with corrosion may occur, due to reactions of raw flue gas with water to form acids.

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