Vertical Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

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A vertical shell and tube heat exchanger in which the tubes extend through oversized holes in a liquid distribution plate. Liquid flows through the holes and down each tube exterior surface as a falling film. A spacer or clip, desirably of wire. Is placed in each hole around each tube to center the tube so that the film has a uniform thickness. The clip is self-locking and remains fixed securely in position. Vertical Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger is a heat exchanger. That is derived from its parent Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger. And it is most commonly all Industries which involves higher-pressure and Higher Temperature applications.

A set of tubes is called the tube bundle and can be made up of several types of tubes: plain, longitudinally finned, etc. Shell and tube heat exchangers are typically used for high-pressure applications (with pressures greater. Than 30 bar and temperatures greater than 260 °C).[2] This is because the shell and tube heat exchangers are robust due to their shape.

 Specifications :
    • Vertical Shell and tube heat exchangers consist of a series of tubes. One set of these tubes contains the fluid that must be either heated or cooled.
    • The second fluid runs over the tubes that are being heated or cooled. So that it can either provide the heat or absorb the heat required.
Applications :
    • Vertical Shell Tube Heat Exchanger is widely used in variety of application as a cooling solution.
    • The most common amoung them is for cooling of Hydraulic Fluid and oil in engines, transmissions and hydraulic power packs.
    • With the right coimbination of materials they can also be used to cool or heat other mediums. Such as swimming pool water or charge air.
    • Vertical Shell Tube Heat Exchanger also be used on fixed tube sheet heat exchangers.
Advantages :

They are commonly used in

  • space heating
  • refrigeration
  • air conditioning
  • power plants
  • chemical plants
  • petrochemical plants
  • petroleum refineries
  • natural gas processing
  • sewage treatment

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